Reflections of Earth is a song used by Disney at Epcot.  It is available to download for free from here.  The song has been edited from its original version.  Essentially, the introduction has been deleted. 


This song was originally programmed by Jeff L. and the video of his version is available from the Animated Lighting website.  You can see it here.  The sequence that is available for download was done by Ken W. Good for the 2006 Christmas.  You can download the sequence in a zip file that is made up of:  the sequence, the song file, a read me file setting out a simple method for extracting the files so that all the files are linked together already (so the computer will know where to find the music file and the visualizer file will be set up ready for use), the visualizer file and a .jpg picture of the house which the visualizer file uses to display the digital representation of the display.  The video that is linked above shows the completed sequence actually in use. 


If you have any questions about what channels control which lights, you may press control L and pull up the test light function to test the individual channels to test the lights on the visualizer window. 


Once you have downloaded this file, you can use it in two ways.  First, you will have the sequence as it was used originally used.  Second, you can import the file into your show set up and you will have the time tracks for your set up.  Next, you can delete the programming.  Thereafter, you can go back and forth between the two versions and copy individual channels to your individual channels.  Save frequently.  

Good Luck

                                                            Ken W. Good



Reflections of Earth